Author Julie Anne Addicott’s debut novel, Untamed: Demon Soul, takes you into a paranormal world with six immortal races created by Genesis, the overseer of both the immortal, and mortal worlds. With romance, passion, lust and sin, Julie Anne introduces the reader to an adult paranormal love story where dreams and reality collide into a fantasy world of angels, demons, shifters, and more.


Lola Thorne has spent almost ten years searching for answers to the brutal murder of her parents. Plagued by dreams of angels and demons she knows there is another world that exists outside her own. The only problem is, no-one believes her, until in the middle of the night Lola is kidnapped by none other than the black winged demon of her dreams.

Escape wasn’t an option, there was nowhere to run, even if I could there was something telling me stay. The streets of Nevermore were paved with danger, being trapped inside a demonic sex club was nothing compared to the dangers I was yet to face. Belial has one mission, to find and kill Lola Thorne. But the moment he sees her he knows there’s something different about Lola. He’s drawn to her, her eyes, her innocence and her ability to hold his attention like no other.

When Belial discovers his entire immortal life has been one lie after another, he vows to do everything he can to protect Lola.My dreams, my parents, my entire life had been one lie after another, all to protect me. But from what?

Can Belial find his angel heart and restore the balance between heaven and hell, or will his demon soul take over and destroy any chance he has as bonding with Lola and saving her from a life of heartache and pain.






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As a child Julie Anne Addicott had a vivid imagination and always loved to read and write stories and poetry. After the tragic death of her mother in 1997, Julie Anne started dreaming of angels and demons. It wasn’t until after the birth of her fourth child that she rediscovered her love of writing and completed her first unpublished novel.
Over the past five years she has written over forty novels, and one thousand poems which she hopes to publish in the future. Her poetry can be found on Facebook where she has a large following of dedicated fans, but her first love will always be writing about the angels and demons in the paranormal world that exists only in her dreams.
img_0403Julie Anne lives in Victoria, Australia with her husband Dean, her four children who also share her love of books, and her four dogs who keep her company during the day.


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