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Our developmental editing service is a journey your editor will go on with you from the moment you have that spark of an idea for your next (or first) great novel! Your editor will help you plan and outline your novel, be there for you when you get stuck or need to work through some ideas that aren’t formulating properly, help with uncooperative characters, and much more!

Best of all, once your first draft is complete, your editor will go through your manuscript with a fine tooth comb and provide one round of a structural edit.


***Please be sure that you enter your word count for the quantity, rounded up to the nearest 1,000. For example, a 72K word manuscript, you would enter 72 as your quantity.***

NOTE: Payments for this service are as follows:

  • 50% due upon purchase
  • Remaining balance prior to structural edit being returned

If you would like to discuss a different payment arrangement, please do so prior to purchasing.

*Please be advised, that depending on the amount of changes that occur after the structural edit, it may be beneficial to receive an additional edit, at half price.*

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Developmental editing is a big undertaking by any editor, and it’s not something that an author should enter into lightly. This type of editing is intensive and time consuming for everyone involved. That being said, it is a great product for a writer, whether new or seasoned, who has a great idea for a manuscript but needs assistance from the very beginning.

When you first get that idea, you’re excited and can’t wait to begin. Then… it happens. What exactly is it? NOTHING, or close to it. That great idea that you had, has left you cold and alone, with no idea how to make that idea into a story. That’s where developmental editing from The Red Pen of Doom comes in. Your editor will help you organize your ideas into an outline, go over every chapter with you, and help you brainstorm when you’re stuck.

Essentially, your editor will be your guru, helping you to storyboard and get your ideas onto paper and provide a structural edit.

While we specialize in approaching this type of editing from the conceptual stage, that doesn’t mean that will only help author’s who don’t have much in the way of their story plotted and/or written. That is far from the case! Our developmental editing is beneficial to authors, even if they already have a completed outline, or even a partial or completed rough draft!


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