Marketing and Design Services

Selling your Book

Everyone knows that just because you finished writing your book, doesn’t mean your work is done. You have to think about the design of your book, including formatting, cover design, and interior printing options (if you are publishing in paperback).

We can help you get ahead with your marketing strategies by providing you with a reusable marketing plan. This is $50 and will be sent as a PDF to you email address.

Another major factor in selling your book is your cover! While we don’t provide custom covers at this time, we do have a wide range of pre-made covers available! You can choose to add-on additional materials such as social media banners or teasers.

Making sure the inside of your books looks crisp and professional is another important part of selling your book! We can also provide formatting for your manuscript for $75.

Putting together a blog tour, blitz, cover reveal? Then you’ll need a media kit, complete with HTML ready posts. We can put this together for you for $25.

Just fill out our service request form, and we will get back to you within 24 business hours to discuss your needs!