Manuscript Services

Getting you the Help you Need

Whether you need a quick proofreading, formatting, or a complete overhaul, the editors at The Red Pen of Doom are here to help you! Because, despite our ominous sounding name, we really just want to help you create the best product possible.


What you can Expect

You can expect that our editors will take care of you, and your manuscript with the same care, caution, and confidentiality that they would expect with their own manuscripts. While some comments or suggestions may be critical in nature, we will never be rude or belittle you as an author, your story, or your writing.

If you ever experience any issues with anyone you are working with, please email [email protected] immediately.


You can fill out our service request form here.



Our Services

Look below for our services to see what would best suit your needs. If you’re not sure, then you can always ask! We can work with you and help you figure out what exactly your manuscript needs.


  • Developmental Editing

    • New Manuscript Option – We offer in-depth developmental sessions for the author who is just starting a new project and doesn’t necessarily have a book to be edited. These consist of one (1) hour conferences once a week (or two 30-minute sessions each week), where we will work on developing the plot, characters, and settings. From there, we will work together to develop an outline that will be instrumental in the author being able to write their novel, while staying on track!
      This option is billed one month at a time, at $200 per month (whether it’s a 4 or a 5 week month, the fee will remain the same).
    • Completed Draft Option – For an author who has a completed manuscript in which needs developmental editing, the initial round will consist of a story edit. The story edit will focus on things such as: pacing, structure, tone, readability, plot holes, etc. I’ll work with you to fix any integral errors that may be hindering your manuscript, such as character development, plot devises not being used properly, etc.
      The second round will be a structural edit where all changes will be re-evaluated. In this round, your manuscript will also be edited for grammatical and punctuation errors. This option starts at $0.01 per word.
    • Hybrid Option – For authors who want guidance at the beginning with the planning and plotting of their story, and then to get a chapter-by-chapter developmental edit. This option is billed at $100 up front for the behind-the-scenes work and then billed as the author is ready to have chapters edited at $0.01 per word.
  • Structural Editing– While a structural edit will still look at tone, pacing, for plot holes, and inconsistencies, it isn’t as in-depth as a developmental edit and you’ll be more likely to just receive a few notes rather than corrections on some of these more complex issues. This service starts at $0.007 per word.
  • Outline Development – If you are just looking for someone who can assist in putting together a concise outline, that is something we can do. While this option does not include any conferences, there will be continuous communication while we iron out the details of your outline. This service is $75 per project.
  • Proofreading– Proofreading is available to go through looking at grammar, punctuation, and formatting inconsistencies – we suggest only selecting this option after you have formatted your book for publication. This service starts at $0.004 per word.
  • Formatting– If you need formatting for you ebook and/or paperback, then look no further. Please let us know about any particular typesetting you require, such as fonts, trim size (paperback), headings, etc. $75
  • Coaching – Are you in the middle of a project and don’t know where to go with your story anymore? Need some help getting over writer’s block? This could be the option for you if you just need someone to tell you if your book is on the right path. Also available if you aren’t sure how to start your manuscript, but aren’t in need of a full developmental edit.This service consists of one 30-minute meeting a week and unlimited emails or messages. Fee for this service is $125 per month, with no monthly commitments.
  • Book Doctor Services – Have you writ­ten a book but don’t know what to do with it now? Are you ready to throw it in the shredder because it is in need of major revi­sions and re-writes? If your book needs more than just the TLC of an edi­tor, then our book doc­tor ser­vices may just be what you are look­ing for. We will help you re-write your book by mak­ing the voice and plot of your project more pow­er­ful, dynamic, thought-pro­vok­ing, stim­u­lat­ing, or what­ever your desired effect is! Book Doctor Services consist of re-writing, developmental editing, ghostwriting, and re-branding.*You are required to provide an outline or a detailed chapter synopsis to guarantee we stick to the subject-matter and the storyline intended. Some scenarios or the sequence of events could change during our re-writes, if the story requires it in order to make sense or be marketable. Price for this service is on a case-by-case basis.
  • Synopsis– We will ask you to briefly summarize your plot and provide any outlines, notes, or chapter summaries you have. We may also provide you with a questionnaire to complete so that we can get the whole picture of what your manuscript entails. This service is $25.



DISCLAIMER: All edit­ing ser­vices require a non-refund­able deposit of 50% in order to secure your project in our sched­ule. Clients who resched­ule within THREE (3) days of their contracted start, will for­feit their deposit, and a new deposit will be necessary to hold another editing spot.

MINIMUM DISCLAIMERDevelopmental editing has a minimum of $250 per project. Structural editing has a minimum of $125 per project. Proofreading has a minimum of $75 per project. ***Unless other arrangements have been made, such as package pricing. Please email us with any questions.