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We are extremely excited to announce that after an extensive closure, that The Red Pen of Doom will now be fully open and operational as of March 1, 2018!

That doesn’t mean that we aren’t prepared to bring on new clients or conduct business until then. It just means that we will only be offering a small selection of our services until we are “official”.

Our Services

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While we ate getting our new management ducks in a row, as well as figuring out all of our new services that we will be offering, we will be focusing on our editing and development clients! If you are interested in either of these services, please feel free to click the links to find out more information!

We also have pre-made covers, which you can either view on our site or in our Facebook group! Pop on over to the group for new covers, special discounts, and to keep up with our cover news. In addition to our pre-made covers, we are expecting to have some pre-made logos available in the near future!


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Our publishing division is now accepting submissions for tradition and co-publishing. Head on over there to learn more.

Please be aware, that because we are new, we will only be accepting a small number of submissions. We want to be able to focus on all of our authors and the manuscripts that we will be publishing, and ensure they receive the attention and marketing they deserve.


marketing photoWe will be offering our free author promotions again soon! This includes posting interviews of authors up on our promotional site, as well as us posting for blog tours on behalf of various authors!

If you would like to submit an interview, please click here!

This is something we have always been passionate about, and are excited that with getting back into business, that this is something we will be able to once again participate in, and offer!

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