About Us


The Red Pen of Doom, LLC is an author services and publishing company.

We provide services, both free and paid, to authors who are looking for promotional opportunities, manuscript services, or publishing opportunities.

Our services range from promotional posts, interviews, or guest posts (some of these include our free services) to editing, formatting, marketing, and advanced manuscript services (our fee-based offerings).

Those looking for publishing opportunities, please visit our publishing website.

If you are looking to obtain one of our free promotional spots, please visit our promotions website. Any author can email us to appear on our promotional website, as it is not exclusive to our editing or publishing clients!

Our Story


Initially, we started out as one person who was editing for one author. Then, a few more authors discovered the services that were being provided. This was never anything more than someone setting out to help authors, and trying to find the best ways to do that.

As time went on, and various positions were taken with a couple different publishers (both as author and behind the scenes), there were a lot of things in the publishing world that were being done to, and with, authors, that we wanted to see changed. Authors deserve to have options and be treated fairly. This is a business that, after all, wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for those authors.

So, now our mission is to be able to provide authors with outstanding services, fairly.

That means fair pricing for self publishing authors, and fair compensation for traditional and hybrid published authors.

Now we have several people working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly and to help our authors reach their goals!