Structural Editing


A detailed look at all aspects of the writing and the story. Your editor will go through and look at the plot, pacing, spelling, grammar, check for consistency, and much more!

Includes a second pass on your manuscript with a line edit.

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Pay a 50% deposit per item


Unlike our line and copyediting, structural editing requires some heavy lifting, and usually a heavier hand. At this level, your editor will also be providing line and copyediting to your manuscript. You may have also heard of this being referred to as a ‘story edit’, as the editor will be looking at all aspects of your story to ensure your timeline, plot, and settings/characters are consistent.

During a structural edit, the work is gone over with a fine tooth comb to make sure it is well organized, engaging, polished, and appealing.

You can expect not only editing and remarks on your grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure but also on your story. The editor will advise you of plot holes, opportunities to grow particular scenes/dialogue exchanges, and also where you should delete pieces of the story that may not be contributing or be as effective as intended.

Structural editing includes a second pass with a line edit. During the second pass, the editor assumes that all suggestions were previously addressed and do not require to be re-stated.


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