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Your editor will take your manuscript line by line, and make sure that it is clear and precise. All changes will be made to ensure that it flows well and keeps with your style choices.

If you have any particular style choices (such as phrasings, spellings, capitalizations, etc., please be sure to discuss these with your editor.

Remember to upload your manuscript during checkout.

*If you are working on a budget, and requesting a lower price, please be sure to use the “offer” button, or send an email.*

Pay a 50% deposit per item
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A line edit refers to going over the manuscript while keeping the ‘voice’ of the author in mind. The editor will eliminate any jargon, clarify meaning, and provide any polishing your work requires. Your editor will also take time to evaluate the tone and dialogue of your manuscript. Upon completion, your editor will ensure that your work ‘sounds’ pleasing to the reader, as each sentence is evaluated.


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