Editing Services

DISCLAIMER: All edit­ing ser­vices require a non-refund­able deposit in order to secure your project in our sched­ule. Clients who fail to deliver the project within FIVE (5) days of their project’s start date, or resched­ule prior to THREE (3) days of the start of the con­tract, will for­feit their deposit. Deposit monies can­not be used for resched­uled project, unless resched­uled more than three days in advance.

The final bill (all edit­ing and proof­read­ing projects have a $40 min­i­mum) must be paid prior to final release of the project. For clients acquir­ing edit­ing and proof­read­ing ser­vices, two final bills will be sent: one at the end of the edit­ing stage and one sent at the end of the proof­ing stage. For bundle clients, the final bill for proofreading will be billed by the word count when received for the proofing stage.

For example, you send in your 58,982 word novel to be edited. Depending on the level of editing selected, you will be billed at the per word rate for that number. Then you receive your novel back and after making the recommended adjustments, your novel is now 62,486 words that need to be proofed. While your deposit was only calculated on the original word count, the final bill will have any adjustments needed to figure in those additional words.